Because I am young (When we were young - Adele)

Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move
Everybody here is watching you
Cause you feel like home
You're like a dream come true
But if by chance you're here alone
Can I have a moment
Before I go?

Cause I've been by myself all night long
Hoping you're someone
I used to know
You look like a movie
You sound like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time
That we might be exactly like we were
Before we realized
We were sad of getting old
It made us restless
It was just like a movie
It was just like a song

I was so scared to face my fears
Cause nobody told me that you'd be here
And I swore you moved overseas
That's what you said, when you left me
You still look like a movie
You still sound like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young

Normalerweise schreibe ich immer einen längeren Text über die Musikstücke, die ich zitiere. "When we were young" möchte ich heute einfach so stehen lassen. Es ist etwas Besonderes für mich. Nicht nur wegen des Textes, sondern weil ich Adeles Stimme für einfach einzigartig halte. Weil ich das Lied nach einmal Hören mitsingen konnte. Weil es aus mir unerfindlichen Gründen im Schatten von "Hello", "Someone like you" und anderen steht.
"When we were young" ist MEIN Song. Und wenn ich irgendwann mal nicht mehr so "Young" bin, dann werde ich es wieder hören. Und dann werde ich mich erinnern. An die Zeit, als ich jung war.

Adele - When we were young


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